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Our American made Unicycles have been made by Emory since 1976. Emory Unicycles are T.I.G. welded by hand in our plant in Jacksonville Florida right here in America. Emory Unicycles give you a choice of color, crank (cottered or cotterless), seat and our units are the only Unicycle with the Unique

Emory Unicycle formed hub capturing clip. Made of CRS Steel this system allows the Unicycle to be easily serviced.

Since 1976 we have concentrated on selling our Unicycles to schools and institutions where durability and dependability with ease of repair is of primary concern. We utilize the finest quality automotive paint on our Emory Unicycles. Additionally each frame is shot peened for stress relief which allows us to offer you a ten year frame guaranty against defects in workmanship.

Now we are bringing this time tested, dependable and strong American Made Emory Unicycle direct to you. The end user.

Please call us toll free at 1-(800) 656-AERO for pricing, availability and other information. Or contact us though the link "Unicycles" below which also highlights some of our other fine products such as our Emory and Aerofast Bicycles and Cruiser Bicyles and gives a brief history of our Company.

If you would like to visit our plant and check out our interesting antique bicycles all you need do is call and let us know when you will be in our area.
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