I never heard of the non profit Palm Beach Photographic Centre ( http://www.workshop.org/ ) but I had purchased a Leica M-8 and Tri-Elmar lens and the factory guys were coming to familiarize old customers with the new digital technology and maybe drum up some new business. There were few photography schools when I purchased my first M-3 so being autodidactic became a way of life for me. However in addition to talking Leica, the class lasted two days, and the second day was to be devoted to printing ( something I really needed ).

They gave us the assignment of capturing some photos during the first day in order to use the results the next day for printing. I had a ball. I never got further than 100 yards from the building where the classes were located. Leica provided a large assortment of lenses and M-8 bodies but I wanted to try out my new wide angle Tri-Elmar ( the only one there - he said smiling ). I got some good shots of a local girl and her tattoos, members of the class, and even a French Nobleman named Jacques-Michel deLaguarigue de Survilliers as he took his midday coffee at a bar around the corner.

Later Billy Himmelrich, one of the most upbeat frenetic bakers I've ever met, invited the class to tour his bakery. Some folks like Ms. Rule and John Davies got some of their best shots there and I even managed to get a snap of Billy, in constant motion, which kind of shows his personallity, I believe.

All in all a great deal of fun. As the french guy with the long name said "Bon Chance" ya'll.

PALM BEACH PHOTOS.03.02-4.07_001
PALM BEACH PHOTOS.03.02-4.07_002
PALM BEACH PHOTOS.03.02-4.07_003
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